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Are you looking to purchase a nice armchair or lounge chair for your living space? We’ve researched and reviewed the 6 best places that you can shop for this furniture, and also included helpful information like price range and value added services.



Showcasing an extensive range of authentic, contemporary designer furniture, Space brings a selection of the most outstanding design from creators in Europe and America to your doorstep. Materials range from plush velvet to luxurious leather, and you can inquire for material customization. Their product line is upscale, and the prices indeed show so, but owning any piece will add a touch of chic into your room. Find out more about their collections here.

spacefurniture armchairs



Originals offers designs of armchairs and lounge chair with a list of base material to choose that you can easily sort through their filter options. Some of their collections can even be used outdoor as they are equipped with weather-resistant fabric and rust-free design. With prices starting from $680 for armchairs and $580 for lounge chairs, their models tend to lean clean and classic, befitting any interior style you have in mind. Browse their offers here.

originals armchairs


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Zest Livings

The store specializes in modern contemporary armchairs built for durability. Some of their products come with choices of color and add-on options, like adding a removable cover, upgrading to feather, or adding Z-spring. If you ever need even more customized services, you can give them a call to inquire about a genuinely tailor-made piece. See their items here.

zestlivings armchairs


Etch and Bolts

At Etchandbolts, each piece of furniture is custom-made, so you’ll get an armchair and lounge chair specially created to your desired size, fabric colour, and leg colour. Find nothing suitable on their fabric selection list? You can book an appointment for more color swatches. Providing you comfort is a top priority for them, that’s why you can also pick your ideal cushion firmness, with the additional option of using latex cushion. Their armchairs come with a 3-year warranty. Check them out here.

etchandbolts armchairs



You can bring home affordable armchairs from BedandBasics with prices starting from as low as $258. The majority of their armchairs come with a 6/10 level of firmness, so if you are looking for something not too plush and not too hard, BedandBasics is the store for you. Some armchairs in their store come with water-repellent fabric, with an optional ottoman to match. Check on their offers here.

bedandbasics armchairs



Apart from their specialty teak material that they’re famous for, Wihardja sells armchairs made of other sturdy materials on their catalogue as well, like the one made of pine wood for $229. If you’re looking for something that stands out in a room, you can get their Bamboo Teak Armchair for $349, handcrafted by artisans with slatted armrests. Find out more about their teak armchairs and more here.

wihardja armchairs


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