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If you’re looking for the best places to shop for budget furniture in Singapore, you’ll definitely want to check out this list of store reviews. You’ll find relevant information that will help you save money on furniture. We’ve picked the top 6 popular places people visit to find and buy furniture at low prices. We discuss the discounts and promotions offered in each shop, and a number of their noteworthy and value for money items.



Qoo10, formerly known as Gmarket, is an online platform for sellers to set up their virtual shop. You’d be able to buy furniture and home appliances under their ‘furniture and decoration’ category. There seems to be a wide range of furniture available, from floor chairs to sofa beds, office chairs to dressing tables. There are over 3,000 different items on sale.

The price for the furniture is relatively affordable, however, you might want to note that different sellers might seller the same product at different prices. Some items you might want to look at include – the Snow White coffee table from BLMG; it is retailing at $79, and the SPEX designer couch chair which is shaped like a hand; it is selling for $99. Read our review.

qoo10 furniture category



FortyTwo, previously known as Bedsg.com, is an online furniture and appliance store. They have a wide range of furniture and their starting prices are quite low; if you’re looking for a sofa bed, you’d be able to purchase one as cheaply as $129 only. One of the sofa beds you might want to check out is the BARKER ASH fabric sofa bed, it is selling for $165 and it looks quite chic.

FortyTwo offers lowest price matching, which means that if you find a merchant selling the same item cheaper, FortyTwo will refund you the difference. The online shop also provides free delivery for your furniture. These value added services would make it more cost effective to shop with them. Read our review.

fortytwo furniture


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IKEA is a furniture and homeware superstore; their items are economically priced and the quality is good. IKEA offers no frills furniture shopping – all of their services like delivery, assembly and installation services are provided separately; the company states that this helps them keep the cost of their furniture lower for their customers.

IKEA sells a huge range of furniture and home accessories across 18 departments, some of these departments include - bathroom, bedroom, children’s, living room, dining, workspaces, kitchen, outdoor furniture, etc. The store offers a 0% interest instalment payment plan, which is great if you’re making big purchases.

IKEA has a campaign called ‘Even Lower Prices’; this campaign aims to help their customers save even more money. They share with customers that this is the result of improvements in their production process. Some of their cheapest items include desks with storage at $99, two seater sofas at $265, and large shelve units at $160. Read our review.

ikea singapore showroom



Courts is the largest furniture store in Singapore; they sell everything from furniture to electronics. On their website, Courts states that they have the “lowest prices guaranteed”. In addition to that, Courts regularly has sales and promotions every month; put that together with their flexible payment plans, Courts gives people the impression that their products are very affordable.

Some of the more cost-effective furniture to look at in Courts would be NICOLLO, a 3-seater white sofa that costs $469; it comes with free delivery. Another item you can consider is FUZE, a black and beige sofa bed that costs $189. Like Novena, you can choose to purchase your items online or in person at their stores. Read our review.

courts furniture store


Budget Furniture

Budget Furniture was established in 2008; their furniture products are categorised into 5 groups – 1) Living and Dining, 2) Bedroom, 3) Outdoor, 4) Office and 5) Home Decoration; they appear to have a wide variety of products.

You’d be able to get relatively cheap furniture from their shop; a black PVC 3 seater leather sofa retails at $188, a 4 seater dining set costs $199, and a queen size bed frame with mattress is priced at $269. The quality of their furniture is not the most high end, most of their upholstered items are made of PVC, so you might want to consider the fact that if the furniture spoils easily, you might end up spending more money.

You can visit their showroom at 23 Woodlands Terrace, #01-00, to look at their furniture in person. Read our review.

budget furniture


Mr Gunni

Mr Gunni is an online store selling furniture; they have furniture for your living room, bedroom, dining room, and kitchen. They also sell office furniture. Overall, the price of their furniture appear to be quite affordable; some of their featured items include finger chair ($99), 2 door wardrobe ($106), and a modern style kitchen cabinet ($356).

If you are looking for more deals, you might want to visit their “House of 99” section, where they offer further discounts for their furniture. Most of the discounted items in this section are selling for $99, but you’d be able to find lower prices for simpler items, for example, their HARDY 9049 red chair, which is priced at $49 (instead of the usual $119).

You can purchase their items online, or you can choose to visit their showroom at 159 Sin Ming Road, #01-02. Read our review.

mr gunii website


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