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The following is a list of local furniture stores selling computer tables in Singapore. You’ll find many different designs of computer desks, from cheap computer tables made from fibreboard to more expensive models constructed from teak wood. Prices of the furniture and the locations of the furniture stores are also included. Read on to find out more.



VHive sells a wide range of computer desks; you’ll find over 30 different designs and styles on their website. Their computer tables range from simple laptop stands to large l-shape workstations made from metal. The prices of their furniture start from $159 for a small sized boxy desk with no storage, to $688 for a designer computer table that features storage space and large table area.


VHive offers computer tables made from different materials, glass, metal and wood. If you’re looking for a clean looking desk with Scandinavian flavour, consider their ‘Function Plus’ range of desk. If you’re looking for something more cool and metallic, you can consider their Louis l-shape computer table. You can visit their website here.



IKEA offers over 30 different computer desks in their online catalogue on their website; they also have a variety of related accessories like laptop support and storage units that can be add on to the desk. The prices of their desks range from $29.90 for a simple design, to $913 for a model that features shelves and cupboards.


If you’re looking for something smaller than a desk, you can consider their laptop stand, which is essentially a standing table that you can use your laptop on. If you’re looking for something bigger and more full featured, you can consider their workstations, which come with plenty of shelve space, drawers and cupboards. You can visit their website here.


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FortyTwo sells a modest variety of computer desks on their website; you’ll find 5 different models of computer tables in their online catalogue. Their computer table frames are made from powder coated mild steel, and the table top is made from tempered glass. Overall, their computer table looks very sleek and contemporary. The prices of their furniture range from $229 to $239. If you’re looking for tables and desks designed specifically for desktop computers, FortyTwo’s selection of computers would be suitable for you. Their tables feature pull out keyboard tray, CPU tray and even an adjustable platform for your printer. All of their computer tables come with free delivery and installation. You can visit their website here.



Lizo Pte Ltd

Lizo Pte Ltd offers a range of computer desks; they label these furniture as director tables, but they’re essentially work desks on which you can place your computer on. There are 6 different designs featured on their website, it’s possible that the store would have more variety in their physical showroom. Lizo’s computer desks starts at $599 for the simplest model which is an l-shaped table with 2 drawers and 1 filing pedestal, to $1999 for a modern looking l-shape glass top metal frame table with 2 four drawers pedestals. If you have plenty of space in your home, you can consider getting a director table. If you’re looking for something smaller and more compact, you might have to look elsewhere. You can visit their website here.




FurnitureMart offers a wide range of computer desks on their website; you’ll be able to find over 100 different types of designs available in their online catalogue. The prices of their computer tables range from $87 to $797. For $87, you’ll be able to get a simple study desk with 2 drawers. If you’re looking for a table that’s specially designed for computers, you’ll be able to purchase one at $99; it’s a small table featuring a pull out keyboard tray, a CPU compartment, a compartment to place your printer and shelve spaces to store your discs. If you’re looking for something bigger, you can consider their l-shape computer table with goes for $677; it features much more table area to put you devices, and also a lot more storage for your physical files and documents. You can visit their website here.



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