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The following is a huge list of furniture shops selling mattresses in Singapore. You’ll find many types of mattresses on sale in this guide, from ergonomic mattresses, to latex mattresses, to foam mattresses, and many more. There are also many sizes available, including single, super single, queen and king size. Read on to find out more details, like the prices and places to buy the mattresses.



Serta’s mattresses are categorised by collections; one of these collections is called ‘Sophistication’, which features mattresses that have an extra padding attach to the top. The mattresses also have a pocket spring system, with different load bearing capabilities in different parts of the mattress.

There are 2 collections in Serta’s premium range – 1) Aspen Suite and 2) St. Moritz Suite. These 2 collections features “thermal cool gel technology”, which is supposedly able to relieve pressure, provide ergonomic support, and maintain the temperature of the mattress.

You may like to visit one of Serta’s showrooms at Marina Square Shopping Centre, #03-334, to look and try out the mattresses in person. Find out more.

Serta Mattress Furniture Store


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Dunlopillo has been specialising in latex mattresses since the 1920s. Their mattresses are grouped into different collections, for example Basic, Imperial and Spinal Care. The price of their mattresses seem to be on the high range.

Most of their mattresses are made with their proprietary technology; one of them is called ‘Talalay Latex’. Dunlopillo also retails accessories like mattress protectors and pillows. They have 2 showrooms in Singapore, you may like to visit the one at City Square Mall, #03-35/36. Find out more.

dunlopillo showroom


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Sealy is a company specialising in mattress. Their products are group into 5 collections – 1) PosturePedic Palatial Crest, 2) PosturePedic Unicased Prestige, 3) PosturePedic Unicased Advanced, 4) PosturePedic High Perfomance and 5) PosturePremiere.

Their mattresses feature their own patented technology called ‘Posturetech Coil’, which means they use titanium alloy for the coils in their mattresses, this is supposed to increase its durability. Sealy states that they involve orthopedic experts in the research and development of their mattresses.

Sealy has many stores in Singapore, you may wish to visit their flagship store at 91 Tanglin Road, #01-02. Find out more.

sealy mattress showroom


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Tilam King

Tilam King is a furniture shop specialising in mattresses; they also manufacture mattresses under their own brand, and customers will be able to customise their mattresses. Their mattresses seem to provide good value for money, for example, their King-size mattress which features individual pocketed spring and 100% natural cotton yarn fabric, is retailing at $1788.

Tilam King also sells other brands of mattresses as well. To see their full offerings, you may wish to visit them at 8 New Industrial Road. Find out more.

Tilam King Showroom


Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman retails a wide range and variety of mattresses; their mattresses come in different sizes. They also carry popular brands like King Koil, Sweet Dream and Tempur. The mattress catalogue on their website is quite useful, you’d be able to filter the mattresses according to different specifications like – sizes, prices, brands, and even the spring systems.

The prices of the mattresses seem quite affordable; some items you might want to look at is the Barbican single-size rebonded foam mattress, it is retailing at $159. You might also want to consider an Athens single-size innerspring mattress, which is retailing at $219.

Harvey Norman has many stores around Singapore, you may like to visit their superstore at Millenia Walk, because that’s where you’d be able to find the most items. Find out more.

Harvey Norman Online Store



Courts sells a wide range and variety of mattresses; some of the brands they offer include Sealy, Four Stars, and Stylemaster. The prices of their mattresses vary greatly. If you’re looking for a cheap and affordable mattress, a 5 feet ortho comfort mattress from Sleepclinic might be for you, it is retailing at an offer price of $199.

If you are looking for a high end mattress, then a 6 feet Cashmerian mattress from Dunlopillo will be the one to look at, it is priced at $13,999.

Their mattresses featured on their online catalogue are grouped in sizes, from single to king-size. You’ll find a good selection of mattresses online, however, you may want to visit their stores in person, to view and try out the mattresses. Find out more.

courts mattresses


Ibeds Studio

Ibeds Studio retails various brands of mattresses; some of the brands include Maxcoil and Slumberland. Their range of mattresses offered seems to be limited; in their website, only 19 mattress are shown.

The price of their mattresses appears to be affordable; you’d be able to get a queen size ‘Magic Koil Executive Hotel Mattress’ at $449; this mattress also comes with a 10-years warranty. Another affordable purchase is their queen-size Max Coil Hercules mattress, which is going for $999.

If you want to view the mattresses in person, you can visit their office at 4 Sungei Kadut Avenue, Block B. View their website here.

ibeds studio



Sleeppost specialises in bedding solutions; they retail many brands and range of mattresses, including their own brand. Their prices seem affordable and there are many promotions available, for example, a single-size Sleeppost 3-fold mattress is retailing at a special price of $98. Another affordable buy to look out for is the queen-size Sleeppost Master Comfort mattress, which is retailing at a special price of $299. You’ll find more details about their mattresses on their website. View their website here.

Sleeppost online catalogue


Prestige Affairs

Prestige Affairs retails mattresses from the Magic Koil brand; they sell different sizes of the mattress, and their price range is from $79 to $855. One item you might want to take a look at is – their queen-size Magic Koil Premium Backcare mattress, it is made of hypo-allergenic material and it has individual pocket spring system; the mattress is selling at a special price of $576. You’ll find many more products on offer on their website. View their website here.

prestige affairs mattress online catalogue


Sleepy Star

Sleepy Star is a store which sells furniture online. They have various brands of mattresses like King Koil, Perfecta, and Prince Bed. You can find different details about the mattresses in their catalogue, one of the more helpful details is the firmness of the mattress, which will be relevant for customers with special needs for their back. For example, a King Koil CARESS Spinal Luxury has a rating of 6/10 for its firmness, while a King Koil CARESS Spinal Enhance has a higher rating of 7/10.

You can visit Sleepy Star’s store at 107 Serangoon North Ave 1, #01-67. View their website here.

Sleepstar mattress collection


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