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The following is a list of local furniture stores and websites offering room dividers. Room dividers come in many different shapes and sizes; the three configurations of room dividers are portable room dividers, built-in room dividers or permanent room dividers. Some of the types of room dividers include foldable screens, drapes and curtains, shoji screens and even large book cases. You’ll find many different styles and designs of room dividers in this guide. Read on to find out more.


The Tatami Shop

The Tatami Shop offers shoji screens which can be used to partition the spaces in your home. Their shoji screens are made of tatami paper featuring muted colours, simple design and organic materials. Partitioning a room involves the installation of the shoji screens as sliding doors. Find out more.





Qoo10 offers 8 different types of curtain room dividers on their website. The prices of their room dividers range from $17.90 to $30. At $17.90, you’ll be able to purchase a string curtain room divider; the item is available in heart shape patterns of different colours, from red, pink, blue, beige to white. At $30, you’ll be able to purchase their beaded string curtains which come in 13 different colours. Find out more.



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Raumplus offers built-in room dividers in the form of sliding doors; they feature 3 different designs on their website – funky looking organic pattern doors, modern minimalistic wooden doors, and grey gravel textured doors. Find out more.




IKEA sells one type of room divider on their website, the Jordet room divider, which costs $69. The fabric room divider features a white polka dot design on a grey background. It appears that that’s the only design that’s available. The measurement of the item is 166 cm width, and  171 cm height. It can be easily folded and stored away, and the fabric can be machine washed. If you’re looking for cheap room dividers, this portable screen would be suitable. Find out more.



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