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If you’re looking for the best places to shop for sofas in Singapore, you’ll definitely find our list of store reviews very helpful. Find out the type of sofas available, and the price range of the items. You’ll be able to check out a wide variety of furniture for sale, from leather sofas to fabric sofas, and many more. You will also find special types of sofas like recliner sofas too. Last but not least, you can discover where to purchase sofas at discounted prices of up to 50%. Read on the find out more!



Massimmo sells over 20 sofa designs grouped in 5 distinctive collections – Moderna, Coevo, Snello, Spasso and Rustico. In Moderna, you’ll find modern style modular sofas. In Coevo, they feature contemporary and classic style sofas. In Snello, you’ll be able to buy slim fitting sofas. In Spasso, the sofas are ‘vibrantly styled’, and in Rustico, the sofas are rustically charming.

Massimmo allows customers to individualise their own sofas with different ‘modules’ and upholstery. Customers can also specify the sizes and dimensions for their sofa, and Massimmo will custom build the frame to fit their requirements.

Massimmo guarantees the highest quality sofa and furniture for customers, they state that every product they make carries their trademark mark of excellence. You can visit their showroom at 1 Kaki Bukit Road to browse their sofa collection. Read the full review.

massimo showroom


Locus Habitat

Locus Habitat sells a range of leather sofas, including the well-known Chesterfield brand of sofas. Their sofas are available in different sizes, from small 2 seaters to large l-shape sofas which can accommodate 8 to 10 people. Locus Habitat’s leather sofas come in a variety of styles and designs, they range from contemporary to vintage to antique. Their antique range of sofas are very rich and regal looking, they look like they would fit well in a big European house.

Locus Habitat offers Chesterfield sofas, a brand that’s known for its fully upholstered sofa with no exposed woodwork, tufted surfaces, and slightly curved arms and back. The overall design and style of the sofa is Victorian, and the sofas are associated with wealth and luxury. Locus Habitat features approximately 8 designs on their website, but they might have more in their showrooms.

One of their more unique looking sofas is from their Union Jack series of furniture. The Union Jack sofa features a big British flag pattern upholstery, it’s really striking.

You can visit their showroom at Midview City, Blk 22 Sin Ming Lane, #07-84. Read the full review.

locus habitat union jack sofa



Danovel bills themselves as the makers of quality sofas since the 1960s. They offer a range of leather and fabric sofas that come in a variety of designs. You’d be able to find contemporary style sofas with clean lines and simple shapes, and more classic looking sofas with curved arms and tufted surfaces.

Danovel states that their sofas are 100% handcrafted in Singapore, and that their sofas are a symbol of luxury. They specialise in creating fabric sofas, however, they say that they’re able to produce leather sofas too. Besides sofas, Danovel is able to created other seating furniture like armchairs and chaise lounges.

The prices of their fabric sofas range from $1,624 for a 2 seater, to $2,936 for a 4 seater. The prices of their leather sofas range from $2,500 for a 2 seater, to $4,520 for a 4 seater. Their showroom is located at 19 Tanglin Road, #02-54/55 Tanglin Shopping Centre. Read the full review.

Danovel Handcrafted Fabric Sofa


The Bear Knows

The Bear Knows specialises in European furniture. It carries premium brand like Bruehl from Germany. If you are looking for quality unique pieces, you may like Morning Dew, a 2-seater sofa and armchair set with petal-looking backrest.

They also offer other range of couches. For example, Giotto is a sleek, black-leather sofa which backrest can be extended; it is retailing at $3799. If you are looking for a bigger sofa, you may wish to check out Lounge Day; it is a black fabric, eight-seater sofa retailing at $6399. They have 3 branches in Singapore; you may wish to visit their flagship store at Liang Court, #03-05. Read the full review.

The Bear Knows Furniture Store


Picket & Rail

Picket and Rail specialises in furniture and furnishing. They offer a wide range and variety of sofas. For example, Alice is a modular sofa which is sleek and contemporary; its 1-seater sofa set is retailing at a sale price of $979.30. Alice features add-ons like headrest, armrest and center table; they allow for some customisation.

There is also recliner sofa called Bella, it is a leather recliner 2-seater sofa, and it is selling for a special price of $2099. Picket & Rail has 4 showrooms and most of them are located in shopping malls such as Liang Court and IMM. Read the full review.

picket and rail sofa collection


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