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The following is a list of local furniture stores offering space saving furniture in Singapore. Find out the different types of space saving furniture that’s available, and the prices of these items. Whether you’re looking for space saving furniture for your bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc, you’ll be able to find a store that offers the product you need. Read on to find out more.


Leda System

Leda System offers hidden beds which integrates bed, study desk, computer table and shelving into 1 furniture. They also offer the more conventional wall beds which you’re able to flip up vertically against the wall. Their hidden bed offering is intriguing, and they showcase 10 different designs on their website. Leda System states that their product lasts for 10,000 cycles and 30 years, and are easy to assemble. They have a showroom located at Bedok North Street 5, and you can book an appointment to view their product by contacting their staff at 83394185. Visit their website here.




Spaceman is a local furniture store that specialises in space saving furniture. They aim to offer their customers with stylish space saving furniture, hidden beds and homewares. The store also promises customers affordability and good value. On their website, you’ll be able to find space saving furniture for your bedroom, dining area and kitchen.

If you’re looking for beds, Spaceman offers them in the following configurations – folding beds, hidden beds, desk beds, sofa beds and bunk beds. They also offer mattresses.

A simple boxed hidden bed starts at $2589 for single size. The bigger sizes cost $3170 for super single, $3446 for double, and $3552 for queen size. The hidden bed folds away vertically or horizontally, to blend with the wall. You can choose additional features for your furniture at an extra price, some of these features include LED light and headboard, and electric opening remote control option.


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If you’re looking for furniture for your dining area, Spaceman offers space saving coffee tables, dining tables, consoles, and wall mounted tables. Their prices range from $1500 to $1800. If you’re looking for furniture for your kitchen, you’ll find space saving kitchen cabinets on offer, there are approximately 6 different designs available. Visit their website here.



HWB Concept Pte Ltd

HWB Concept Pte Ltd is a company specialising in space saving beds; they offer 2 ranges of wall bed – 1. basic, and 2. designer. You can choose to have the bed fold down horizontally or vertically. The store states that their hidden beds use a patented hinge technology that allows users to hide or collapse the bed easily. HWB Concept shares that their beds are fully customisable to any ceiling height, and that customers will be able to choose from a wide range of finishes.

The basic range of their hidden bed only consists of the bed. If you want your bed integrated with shelves, desks and cupboards, you’ll want to look at their designer range. Visit their website here.

hwb pte ltd


Space-Saving Furniture Systems Pte Ltd

Space-Saving Furniture Systems Pte Ltd is a furniture store specialising in wall beds; their wall beds are imported from UK, and the company states that customers can be assured of high standards of quality and safety.

Customers who want more features for their wall beds can add bookshelves and cupboards. It appears that you’ll have to purchase the mattress and bed sheets separately. The wall beds come with 3 year warranty, and the mattresses’s warranty ranges from 5 to 15 years.

The 2 different brands of wall beds carried by the company are Next bed system and Alpha bed system. Both brands are available in single and queen size. In addition to ready-made furniture, the store offers customers a choice to customise their wall beds, so you can alter the finishing and attach additional parts like table top. Visit their website here.

Space-Saving Furniture Systems Pte Ltd



Luxatta is a furniture store offering space saving furniture; they state that they aim to provide the best value for money to their customers, and their furniture is of a much lower price compared to the retail stores. Luxatta offers space saving bed systems, tables and chairs. Their space saving bed systems range from $2899 to 5299. For $2899, you’ll be able to get their Poppi single bed system that unfolds horizontally; you can choose to have an integrated desk.

The prices of their space saving tables ranges from $1499 to $4899. For $1499, you’ll be able to get the Mini, a low rectangular coffee table that unfolds into a large 4 person square dining table. For $4899, you can get their Goliaf, a 12 person dining table that can be collapse into a small side table. Visit their website here.




HipVan is an online store offering a wide variety of products; they have a section featuring space saving table solutions. Their furniture come from Europe, and the store states that the items can be fully customised to fit customer’s needs. The prices of their flipping tables range from $692 to $1628. For $692, you’ll be able to get a basic flipping table model that measures 50cm length by 50cm breadth. For $1628, you’ll be able to get their Viva set, a furniture that combines a flip top table and a shelved wall panel.

Other noteworthy furniture in their catalogue includes a semi circular side table that unfolds into a round dining table. Quite a number of their flipping tables have to be mounted on the wall, but you’ll also be able to get models that are individual pieces which don’t have to be attached to anything. Visit their website here.



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