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Sungei Kadut is an industrial estate area housing many furniture factories and showrooms; it is located in the northwestern region of Singapore, and many people visit the area to shop for furniture and home furnishings.

sungei kadut furniture

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The following are a few of the furniture shops you’ll find in Sungei Kadut:

  1. Star Living
  2. Nova Furnishing
  3. Natural Living
  4. Scanteak
  5. Novena
  6. Castilla
  7. Defu Furniture
  8. 2010 Lifestyle Pte Ltd
  9. Brighton Furniture
  10. S2F International Pte Ltd

The many furniture showrooms located in the area makes it convenient for people to shop around, to compare products, services, and prices. Many of the showrooms are located very closely to each other, you’ll only need to walk down or across the street from one showroom, to reach another.

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sungei kadut star living

People also visit Sungei Kadut because they feel they’ll be able to get factory prices for their furniture; you’ll also regularly find furniture sales and promotions there.


International Furniture Centre (IFC)

One of the popular destinations in Sungei Kadut is the International Furniture Centre (IFC); it is the largest furniture centre in Singapore.

international furniture centre sungei kadut

The building is 3 storeys tall, and it houses over 20 furniture shops -

  1. Furniture Club, #01-05
  2. Living Instinct, #01-01
  3. Mondi Lifestyle Gallery, #01-06/08
  4. Summit House, #01-11/13/15
  5. Unikhome, #01-17/19
  6. Winter, #01-02
  7. Worldwide Furnishing, #01-12/16/18
  8. 8edtimes, #02-15
  9. Absolute Bedding, #02-01
  10. Country Furniture, #02-12/14
  11. Deco Home, #02-19
  12. Englander Gallery, #02-08
  13. King Koil Boutique, #02-11
  14. Sleepsavvy, #02-21
  15. Sweet Dream, #02-17
  16. X’clusive Home by DEi Exclusive Furnishing, #02-02/06
  17. 2010 Lifestyle, #03-13
  18. Amare La Casa, #03-11
  19. Brighton Furniture Display Centre, #03-17/19/21
  20. King Furnishing, #03-02/06/08
  21. Sal Sal Living, #03-12

There are new furniture promotions every week, you’ll find deals and discounts for quite a number of items. Occasionally, they’ll also have furniture events; one of their regular event is the Singapore Furniture Industry Awards.


Getting to Sungei Kadut

There are several ways to get to Sungei Kadut. If you are visiting the area on the weekends or on public holidays, you’d be able to take the free shuttle bus service provided by IFC. The shuttle bus will pick passengers up at the bus stop in front of Yew Tee MRT Station.

If you’re going to Sungei Kadut on the weekdays, you can consider taking a cab into the area, or the public bus number 925 (from Kranji Station).

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