Jul 172020
If you have used furniture that you would like to sell or donate, look no further than our list of best places you that you can put your pre-owned items up for sale or charity.



Carousell is the top online classifieds and marketplace where users buy and sell new or secondhand items. They have a furniture and home decor category on their website, and many users are selling their preowned furniture items, from sofas to teakwood cabinets. We recommend Carousell because it’s simple and free to use, and they have quite a lot of active users, which means that you’ll be able to find buyers more easily. One thing that we’re not so excited about is that the buyers on Carousell have a habit of ‘low-balling’, which means that they suggests ridiculously low prices for your items, but you can easily ignore these people, and find other suitable buyers. Check out their website here.





Gumtree is yet another popular online classifieds in Singapore that you can consider using if you want to put your used furniture up for sale, instead of donating it. Compared to Carousell, Gumtree features a more outdated user interface, and they have a lot of paid ads at the top of their user listings. If you’re not having any luck selling your items on Carousell, you can try Gumtree, or better yet, use both websites (they have apps too) at the same time. Like Carousell, Gumtree has a furniture category on their site too, and you’d find many sellers putting up all sorts of home items, from study tables to mattresses. Check out their website here.

Gumtree furniture category


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Your third option for selling your pre-owned furniture item would be CashConvertors, a second-hand goods dealer that’s been around in Singapore for long time. Unlike the previous 2 options, CashConvertors only accepts certain types of furniture, more specifically, they will only buy rosewood & teakwood furniture from you. You can check if they will accept your furniture by using their contact form or sending them an email via enquiry@cashconverters-asia.com. If your items are too big, you can request for them to collect it from your house. A word of warning though, CashConvertors usually pay very little for your items, so we would recommend that you try selling it directly to other people first, before trying this option. You can check out their site here.




If you’re ok to give away your furniture for free, you can check out this popular community where people put their pre-owned items up for free — SGFreecycle. They have a Facebook group of over 3,000 members and a Yahoo Group of close to 16,000 members. Their Facebook group is quite active, with new postings almost everyday, and people offering all kinds of stuff, from refrigerators to book binders. If you have no luck selling your furniture item, consider donating it to someone else, instead of throwing it away. You can check our SGFreeCycle’s Facebook & Yahoo groups.



Pass It On

Pass It On is a website managed by The Helping Hand organisation, a Christian half-way house for the rehabilitation of ex-drug addicts. Pass It On is a website where you can donate your items to the needy in Singapore. You simply sign up for an account, and provide them with information about the items that you wish to donate, preferably, these items are still in good working condition. Please do not send them items that are faulty or in bad condition, they’re not a rubbish collection service. You can also check out their wishlist section, where the beneficiaries of the VWOs (Voluntary Welfare Organisations) requests for items that they want. Check out their website here.



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