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Are you looking to purchase a nice futon for your home? A futon is a Japanese traditional style of bedding that’s becoming increasingly popular in the Singaporean household, so we’ve researched and reviewed the 7 best places that you can shop for this mattress.


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Coming in at number 1 is Shopee, we recommend Shopee because it has the widest variety of futons on offer, and good range of prices, from as low as $100+ to something that’s close to $500. Most of their products come with free shipping, and more importantly, there’s a money back guarantee for your item, in case you get something that’s different from what’s advertise on the website. See their offerings here.

futons shopee singapore


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If you’re looking for a physical store to shop for a futon, instead of an online one, consider Muji. Muji is a popular Japanese retail store in Singapore which sells a wide variety of household and consumer goods, and they offer a basic selection of futons starting at $309. Unlike Shopee, you’ll find only 2 items to choose from, which might suit your needs if you’re not looking for anything fancy. You can see their products here.

futon muji


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Next on our list is The Tatami Shop, a retail store that specialises in Tatami solutions and flooring for homes & living spaces. The store sells cotton futons with a price tag that starts at $999, definitely one of the pricier options on our list. However, if you want something that is handcrafted and actually made in Japan (instead of China), this would be the best option. You can view their collection here.

tatami shop futon



On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re very price conscious and looking for the absolute cheapest futons, look no further than Qoo10. You’d be able to purchase a futon from just $39.90. Many of the products ship from Singapore which means you don’t have to wait many days to receive your goods, and most of the listings on Qoo10 have real user reviews and photos, which is great, just in case you’re suspicious of the quality of the item. See their items here.

qoo10 futon



Ubuy is a Kuwaiti e-commerce website that has a wide selection of futons on offer, and they offer shipping to Singapore. Like Qoo10, you’d be able to find economically priced futons starting at $102, all the way up to $402 for a futon set which includes pillow, comforter and mattress. Unlike Qoo10 however, the items are shipped from overseas, and there are no user reviews to be found for the product. Check out their stuff here.

ubuy futon



Etsy is yet another international online shopping website that you can purchase futons from. Esty is best known as a place where people go to buy handmade and vintage items, and on their site, you’ll find close to 400 items related to futons, however, not all of them are futons, some of their are accessories for futons. Their selection is not the cheapest, with the cheapest futon starting at $177. We do like the fact that they provide user ratings and reviews for the items though, unlike Ubuy, and that helps users make better informed purchases. See their items here.

etsy futons



Lastly, if you’re unable to find what you want from all the stores that we’ve listed above, fret not, you might still be able to see something that you like on Rakuten. The site sells over 1,500 futons & futon related items, and like Qoo10, there’s a wide variety of prices and quality of futons on offer. Their products also come with quite a good amount of user ratings and reviews, which we appreciate and will definitely be helpful in making a more confident purchase decision. See their stuff here.

rakuten futons


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