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The following is a list of local furniture stores selling bedside tables or nightstands. There are many different designs and materials to choose from, from 2 drawer wooden bedside tables to circular metal frame bedside tables. If you’re looking for cheap bedside tables, you’ll find them in this list too. The price range of the furniture is also included, so you’d be able to compare among the different stores. Read on to find out more.



HipVan offers a large selection of bedside tables and nightstands, approximately over 70 different designs to choose from. Prices for bedside tables start from $60 for a minimalistic metal frame with melamine table top design. Some of their more popular items include the Gianna bedside table, which costs $500, and is made of solid Acacia wood and sports a simple and elegant construction reminiscent of the Scandinavian style. HipVan provides 100 day return policy on their items, free delivery and installation, plus warranty of up to 5 years for some of their furniture. Customers rate HipVan 4.2 stars on Google, the business has over 260 reviews and some of their positive points include reasonable price and good quality. Visit their website here.

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Scanteak sells a variety of bedside tables; they have 7 different designs of night tables available on their website. The prices of their nightstands are not listed on their catalogue, so you’ll have to give them a call to find out. All of their furniture is made of teak, and there are different designs to choose from, from 3 drawer bedside tables to 1 drawer bedside table with shelve space. Some of their more noteworthy designs include the Kube bed side table which features a small, squarish and compact shape, and the Candy side table, which is a slim looking bedside table with 1 drawer. You can visit their website here.



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FortyTwo offers a range of bedside tables online, you can find 34 items in their catalogue. The costs of their bedside tables range from an affordable price point of $29 to a more high end price tag of $339. There are quite a few different designs to choose from, some of the more noteworthy ones include the Steller side table, which is a z-shaped stainless steel frame side table with glass top, and the JohnPaul side table, which features a clear glass top and a curvy base which tapers upwards.

It’s worth noting that a number of their bedside tables appear to be sold out, so you might have to settle for other designs which are still available. If you’re on a budget, you can get the Mattric white side table for $29, it’s a simple metal frame side table with a glass top. If you want a more expensive model of side table, you can consider their side engraving concrete table which costs $339, it features an intricately etched cement table top and black metal frame. You can visit their website here.




Unikhome sells a modest selection of bedside tables on their website; you’ll find 9 different designs available in their online catalogue. All of their bedside tables are made of wood, Unikhome states that they specialise in mahogany, teak and mixed hardwood furniture. The design of their furniture can be described as modern and country. Their bedside tables feature simple and understated design, and they’re available in walnut and light brown colour.

The prices are not stated on their website, so you’ll have to contact them to make an inquiry. Some of their noteworthy designs include the Montgomery Nite Table, which has a tall and narrow profile, and the Texas Bed Side Table, which has rounded edges and continuous shape. You can visit their website here.



Picket And Rail

Picket And Rail offers a small variety of bedside tables on their website; you can find 3 different designs available in their catalogue. The price of their furniture are on the higher end, with the cheapest night table starting at $399, and the most expensive table costs $799. At $399, you can buy the Ashton nightstand; it is a boxy dark brown bedside table made from solid Malaysian oak wood.

For $599, you can purchase the Anders 1 drawer bedside table, this furniture features a vintage style with shelve space and pencil legs. If you want to buy the most expensive model of bedside table, you can consider the Chicago 1 drawer bedside table which is said to be very sturdy; it is constructed out of American poplar wood, and framed by a steel structure. You can visit their website here.

picket and rail



IKEA offers quite a number of bedside tables on their website; you’ll find over 16 different designs available in their online catalogue. The prices of their furniture range from $16.90 for the cheapest model, to $169 for the most expensive design. You can choose from quite a variety of colours, from blue, cyan, green and yellow, among the more common colours like light brown and dark brown. IKEA’s bedside tables are made from fibreboard, so if you’re looking for solid wood furniture, you might want to consider other stores.

Some of their more noteworthy bedside table designs include the Stockholm bedside table, which is bright yellow in colour and has adjustable legs, and the Vettre bedside table, which is turquoise in colour and has skinny legs with wheels at the end, so it can be rolled around. You can visit the website here.




Vhive  offers 6 different designs of bedside tables on their website. The prices of their furniture ranges from $49 to $199. All of their bedside tables are made of wood, and they feature simple, contemporary and understated design. At $49, you can purchase their Standford Night Stand, which is a dark brown bedside table with a shelve space on top and a drawer at the bottom. At $199, you can purchase their Plato bedside table, which features a high gloss white colour exterior, and a sleek and modern design.

Some of the furniture which stood out include the Venice bedside table, which is dark brown in colour and has an open shelve below the table top, and a drawer below the shelve space. The other item is the Homeline night stand, which is a light brown bedside table with 1 shelve and 2 white drawers. You can visit their website here.




You’ll find a modest selection of beside tables on sale at Furnituremart; you’ll be able to choose from approximately 15 different designs. The prices of their furniture range from $59 to $199. The overall design of their furniture is simple and contemporary. Their bedside tables come in different materials, you can get one with a faux leather exterior, or you can opt for a more traditional wooden bedside table.

Some of their more noteworthy items include the black colour faux leather bedside table with 2 drawers, the drawers feature simple tufting, and overall, it looks like an ottoman. Another item worth looking at would be their solid rubber wood bedside table, with 2 drawers featuring metal handles, and straight line engravings on their front. You can visit their website here.



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