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Are you looking to purchase a nice study table for your home? We’ve researched and reviewed the 6 best places that you can shop for this furniture, and also included helpful information like price range and value added services.


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Environmentally-conscious parents can check out’s collection of study tables, as their table materials are toxic-free and kid-friendly. Additionally, the products also claim to have water-repelling properties and stain-resistant.


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Your ideal study table can be built here since the majority of the items on offer come with extensive customization options, from the size, the type of wood material, to add-ons like USB charging cable. Check their collection here.

myseat study table


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Study table collections in FortyTwo are perfect for work or study, equipped with storage compartment, be it drawers, shelves, or both. Their vibrant color blend study tables will also add a pop of color to the room, in case you are looking for something other than the usual tan or brown options. Most of their study tables come with a 3-year warranty and free assembly. You can check them out here.

fortytwo study table



The study table catalogue over at BedandBasics prides a collection made of MDF wood with naturally colored laminate. Some designs even conveniently provide keyboard tray and CPU holder. Budget hunters can opt for something like their Mack study table as it costs as low as $149, with two handsome choices of colours. Free assembly is available for all their study tables. Browse their offers here.

bedandbasics study table


Mason Home Décor

If you want to get a designer solid wood study table at an affordable price point, Masons Home Decor is your choice. Most of their offering are study tables made of premium solid plywood, starting at $199. If you are in the market of more premium study tables, they also have products made of 100% solid real wood like premium Australian Babul Acacia Hardwood Timber. One year of warranty is automatically applied when you purchase their study table. Check them out here.

mason study table



Primero is where you can find minimalist and sturdily-designed study table. If you are a homeowner with form and function in mind, then you’ll likely take a liking to some of their choices, for example, one that is equipped with under compartments with pull-up panels to keep your things organized while remaining out of sight. All items purchased above $100 comes with free installation & delivery. Warranty is covered for 6 months with a 30-day return policy. Browse their collection here.

primero study table



As one of the world’s prominent furniture retailers, IKEA is known for its simple and clean-looking study tables. Most of the study tables come with two color options, either white or black-brown. Try playing around with their desk configurator to build your perfect study table in just a few steps. You can choose a tabletop, complementary legs, and other additional elements such as attachments or drawers. Check them out here.

ikea study table


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