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The following is a list of local furniture stores where you can purchase bookshelves and bookcases. You’ll find many different designs available, from horizontal bookshelves with 12 compartments to vertical bookcases with doors and drawers. The prices of the bookcases are also listed, so you can find cheap bookshelves or more expensive model made of teak wood. Read on to find out more.


Mega Furniture

Mega Furniture offers a wide range of bookshelves and display cabinets on their website. The cheapest item costs $50 for a small open bookshelf made from medium density fibreboard. One of their popular items include the Christena bookshelf, a large vertical bookshelf with glass panel doors and 5 rows of shelf space, it retails for $387. Mega Furniture offers free delivery for purchases of $150 and up, and a 24 day return policy. They have 2 stores, one located in Tai Seng and another in Hillview Terrace. The business scores 3.9 out of 5 stars on Google, with 59 customer reviews; some customers commended about their customer service and delivery time, while others do not feel that it was satisfactory. Visit their website here.

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IKEA sells a wide range of bookshelves, you’ll be able to find approximately 40 different designs available in their online catalogue. Some of the designs available include bookcase with glass doors, wall shelf units, shelf unit with doors, glass door cabinets and more. The prices of their bookshelves range from $29 to $1,485.

For $29, you will be able to purchase a Lavia black-brown bookcase with open shelving units. For $1,485, you’ll be able to purchase Hemnes solid pine 3 column shelf plus cabinet combination. If you’re looking for children bookshelf, you can consider the Borgsjo shelf unit. If you’re looking for bookshelf for kids, you can consider the Billy bookcase. The bookshelves purchased from IKEA requires DIY assembly. Find out more.



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FortyTwo sells a considerable range of bookshelves; you’ll be able to find close to 50 different bookcases in their online catalogue. The prices of their furniture ranges from $67 to $737. If you’re looking for an affordable bookshelf, you can consider their solid wood display bookshelf at $67; it comes in 3 different types of designs, and its available in cherry or walnut colour.

If you’re looking for a more high end bookcase, you can purchase their $737 Shelly display cabinet; it’s a large 3 column cabinet with glass doors, and it has a white laminate finish. Besides bookshelves, you’ll also be able to find other related furniture in the website, some of these furniture include – filing cabinets, side cabinets and display racks. Find out more.



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Picket And Rail

Picket & Rail offers a small range of solid wood bookcases on their website; you’ll be able to find 7 different models in their online catalogue. The prices of their bookshelves are towards the higher end; they start at $699 and can go up to $2,899. Quite a few of their bookcases are being offered at a discounted price. For $699, you can purchase the Hancock 4 column bookshelf; it is constructed from solid Malaysian oak wood, and it features a simple and understated design.

The most expensive bookcase is the Bold Bookcase which costs$2,899; the bookcase features 8 shelf compartments and 4 drawers. The design of the bookcase is very simple, and it is available in 3 different finishes, tan walnut, ebonized oak and golden teak. One noteworthy bookshelf that you can check out is the Anders 2 drawers leaning bookcase, it’s a retro style bookcase constructed from American poplar, and it features vintage looking pencil legs. Find out more.

Picket and Rail



Vhive sells quite a number of bookcases and bookshelves; you can find close to 30 different models of bookshelves in their online catalogue. The prices of their bookcases range from $59 to over $600. If you’re on a budget, you can consider the 4 shelves bookcase that’s made in Denmark; it is dark brown in colour and appears to be made from solid wood.

If you’re looking for a more high end model, you can consider the clear glass doors filing cabinet, it’s available in different colours (oak, white, etc) and it looks quite spacious and sturdy. If you’re looking for a model that looks more like a designer bookshelf, you can consider Manchester bookcase divider, it costs $399, and features a modern and stylish design. Find out more.




Scanteak sells a modest variety of teak bookshelves; there are 6 different models available on their website. The prices of the bookcases are not stated in their website, so you’ll have to contact them to make an inquiry. Overall, the design of their bookshelves is understated but nice looking. If you’re looking for a wall bookshelf, you can consider the Stellan bookcase which is available in 2 different models, 3 by 3 or 3 by 5. Each of these bookcase would make good display units for your items.

If you’re looking for a cabinet, you can consider their teak bookshelf with glass door, it has 4 rows of shelf space on the top, and another compartment at the bottom. If you’re looking for simple shelving space without any doors, you can take a look at their 6 row bookshelf. Find out more.



Style Woods Furniture

Style Woods Furniture  offers 6 different types of bookcases on their website. The prices of their furniture range from $328 to $1264. If you’re looking for vintage looking bookcases, you might want to consider their Louis Henry Cabinet, a tall glass door cabinet constructed from solid mahogany wood.

The furniture features 3 shelves and 2 drawers, and has a rustic and dark appearance. You can also take a look at Maxwell Bookshelf which is made from mahogany wood, it has 5 shelves and a middle row of 3 drawers. You can choose from over 10 different colours and finishes for the furniture, and also opt to have a distressed aesthetic. Find out more.

style woods furniture



Furnituremart offers close to 90 different types of bookshelves, bookcases and cabinets on their website. The prices of their furniture range from $67 to $697. At $67, you can get a simple 5 level bookshelf that’s available in cherry or walnut colour. At $697, you can purchase a large sized cabinet made from melamine board. If features 15 x storage compartment and 2 x drawers, and it comes in 2 different colours. The other type of bookcases you’ll find in Furnituremart are wall mount bookshelves and small bookshelves. Find out more.



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