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The following is a big list of local furniture stores offering kids furniture in Singapore. You will be able to find many different types of children’s furniture, from beds to chairs to desks and many more. Whether you’re looking for cheap children’s furniture, or more high end models, you’ll find it in our list. We also list the price range of the furniture sold in the store. Read on to find out more.


Kuhl Home

Kuhl Home is a furniture store specialising in children’s furniture, more specifically, they provide modern Scandinavian design furniture for little kids. All of their items are made in Denmark and come with a warranty of 5 years. Kuhl Home’s featured category of furniture are their children’s beds, they offer single beds, loft beds and bunk beds. Their items are not cheap, a basic bed would cost you $800, however, their furniture is made from solid Scandinavian pine wood, TUV certified and of the highest quality in terms of safety. Kuhl Home has a really good rating on Google, 4.8 out of 5 stars, and customers like the quality of their products and customer service. You can view their selection here.

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Littlewode is a British and American themed furniture store that offers children’s beds. You’ll be able to find single beds, super single beds, day beds, poster beds, trundle beds and more. In addition to beds, you’ll be able to purchase mattresses and bed linen from the store. If you’re looking for a single bed for your child, the price of the furniture ranges from $599 to $799. Some of the noteworthy kid’s beds include the Princess Single Bed, which is very suitable for girls as it has a very feminine design, and the Taylor Single Bed, which feature thick beams on the headboard and the foot of the bed.

Littlewode says that their bed frames are made from solid rubber wood, wood veneers and medium density fibreboard, and as a result, they are very strong and durable. Besides furniture, you’ll also be able to buy bed linen from their website; some of the designs available include the baseball set, the ballerina set, and the train set.


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If you’re looking to get a kid’s bed that’s more elaborately designed, you can consider getting the Alexia Super Single Poster Bed which costs $1,599. You can hang pink frilly curtains around the bed, and give the furniture a princess and fairy tale aesthetic. This would be very suitable for little girls. Find out more.

little wode


Piccolo House

Piccolo House is a store specialising in children’s furniture; you’ll find a variety of furniture in their website, ranging from beds to desks to wardrobes to bookshelves. If you’re looking for beds, you’ll be able to find a number of different designs, from single beds to poster beds to loft beds to bunk beds. The store also sells beds for toddlers, some of their designs include Fire Engine Kids Bed and Mini Dollhouse Kids Bed; the price of these furniture is $399. If you’re looking for a cot bed for your baby, you can consider their Manon White Cot Bed.

Besides beds, you’ll also find storage furniture for your kids room. The store offers nightstands ranging from $170 to $296, and bookcases ranging from $170 to $430. The store has quite a big variety of bookcase designs, some of the noteworthy designs include the Fairy Pink Bookshelf which is constructed to look like a pink dollhouse, and the Knight Castle Bookshelf which is designed to look like a castle.

Piccolo House also sells kids tables, chairs, desks and vanity tables with mirrors. The prices of these furniture ranges from $127 for a simple wooden table, to $599 for a children’s study desk featuring 2 large drawers. Find out more.




Fortytwo sells a variety of furniture for babies and young children; their furniture ranges from beds to high chairs to play pens. If you’re looking for beds for your child, you can 3 different designs available on their website, the Princess Pink Toddler Roadster Bed, Buzz Lightyear Spaceship Toddler Bed, and Little Tikes Cherry Red Sports Car Twin Bed. The prices of their beds ranges from $449 to $1089. If you’re looking for furniture for your baby needs, you will find a number of items for sale, including changing tables, baby cots and baby seats. Find out more.




IKEA sells a wide variety of furniture for young children and babies. They categorise their furniture into the following groups – furniture for babies, furniture for children aged 3 to 7, and furniture for children aged 8 to 12. In the babies section of their online catalogue, you’ll find cots, cot mattresses, storage systems, changing tables, high chairs and more. In addition to furniture, you’ll also find other related accessories like baby toys, baby textiles, and children’s tableware.

In their children aged 3 to 7 section, you’ll find the following types of furniture – children’s beds, children’s mattresses, children’s textiles, small furniture, storage furniture and more. Besides furniture, you’ll find other complementary accessories and items for your child’s room, these items include children’s lightings, toys, and tableware.

IKEA sells a variety of small furniture that kids can use, these furniture include footstools, armchairs, tables, desks and rocking chairs. The prices of their small sized furniture ranges from $19.90 for a set of children’s table with 2 chairs, to $79 for a desk with a top that can flip open. Overall, the prices of their furniture is very affordable. Find out more.




Ibenma is a furniture store specialising in children’s products including furniture. You’ll find a variety of furniture available on their website including bunk beds & loft beds, computer and study desks, bookcases and shelves, and many more. Ibenma states that their furniture are made from 100% solid pine wood, and that they’re handcrafted and built to last. Other types of kids furniture you’ll find at Ibenma includes wardrobes, nightstands and dressers.

You’ll find all the furniture you need to furnish your child’s room at  Ibenma. The overall design and aesthetic of their furniture is simple and understated. The prices of their furniture are not listed on their website, so you’ll have to make an inquiry directly with the store. Find out more.



Jarrons & Co

Jarrons & Co is a Singapore-based children merchandise retailer offering ergonomically designed kids chair and desks. They also sell furniture for babies like cots, high chairs, bouncers and play pens. The prices of their ergonomic chair starts at $199, and goes up to $499. At $199, you’ll be able to purchase the Ergosmart office chair; it features colourful upholstery, adjustable chair height, and roller wheels. At $499, you’ll be able to buy the Rovo Buggy, it’s a chair that’s suitable for children ages 4 to 16. The chair features a high backrest that helps to support the child’s spine.

If you’re looking to get a desk for your child, you can consider the store’s selection of kid’s desk. The prices of the furniture range from $499 to $899. At $499, you’ll be able to get a Kettler basic school desk; the desk is quite sturdy looking, and it has a storage shelf above the desk top which provides additional space for printer or books. At $899, you can get the Kettler Logo Fun which features a desk top that can be adjusted to different angles. The desk also features a spacious large drawer underneath the desk top where the child can store his/her items. Visit the website here.




Ergokid is a furniture store specialising in ergonomic desks and chairs for children and adults. They carry several well known brands such as Moll, Swopper and Satch. There are no prices stated on their website, so you’ll have to make a direct inquiry with the store. You’ll find 4 different designs of desks in their online catalogue; the design of the desk looks very contemporary and in some ways, high tech. One of their desk, called the Booster Study Table, features a large cabinet underneath the desk top, and the angle of the desk top can be adjusted up to 30 degrees to allow the child to work comfortably.

You’ll find 7 different designs of children’s chairs in their online catalogue. The chairs comprise of office chairs and stools. The design of the furniture looks quite modern and sleek. One of their chairs, called the Swopper Work, is a office chair that allows for three dimensional sitting motion. It also features rollers, ergonomic backrest, and upholstery with a velvet texture. You can visit their website here.




Ki Mono is a Japanese themed furniture store offering children’s furniture; you’ll find a variety of kids furniture on their website. The store sells children’s study desks, play pens, tables and chairs, beds and more. If you’re looking for beds, you can consider their E-ko loft bed or E-ko bunk bed; both furniture retails at approximately $1,700. If you’re looking to get a desk for your child, you can consider their U-la series of furniture which features study desks ranging from $1,500 to $2,200. The design of their desks are simple and elegant, and they feature ample shelf space above the desk top. The desks also comes with a cork board on which your kids can pin stuff on, and it also has an extendable wooden plane which can be pulled out from under the desk top.

If you’re looking for furniture for your baby, you’ll find baby cots and high chairs for sale in their online catalogue. The price of their baby cots is approximately $400, and the price of their high chairs is approximately $400 too. You can visit their website here.




Ni-Night  is a furniture store offering designer children’s furniture. In addition to furniture, they also see childrens clothing, linen and accessories. If you’re looking for baby furniture, you’ll be able to find a variety of items in their online catalogue; some of these furniture include chest of drawers, blanket chests, baby cots, single wardrobe, and small bookcase. The prices of their baby furniture ranges from $300 for a white colour blanket chest to $750 for a single column wardrobe. The prices of their furniture is quite high end.

If you’re looking for children’s beds, you could consider their trundle bed which costs $350, or their bunk bed which costs $1500. Their bunk bed frame is made from solid hardwood, and it can be easily converted into 2 single beds. If you’re looking to furnish your child’s study area, you’ll find study desks starting from $400, and bookcases starting from $300 on their website. The design and aesthetic of their furniture has a country and cottage appearance. It’s suitable for people who are looking for country themed furniture. You can visit there website here.

ni night


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