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The following is a list of furniture stores in Singapore selling country-style furniture. Find out the types of country furniture they sell, the prices of their furniture, other home accessories available, and more.



You would be able to find quite a big variety of country style home furniture and furnishings on Carousell, from chicken figurines ($30) to French Victorian console tables (retailing at $298). If you’re looking for something rustic, farmhouse, and modern country in theme, you might find something to like on Carousell. The items sold of Carousell come from many different merchants, so be sure to read the user reviews about the merchants before making your purchase. Some of the more noteworthy country themed furniture on offer includes a French style mirror selling for $269, and a mosaic design table and chair set reminiscent of classic English concept. Carousell offers a buyer’s protection guarantee which insures your purchase — if you don’t get the item as advertised, you can get your money back. Check out the website here.

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Cluck Cluck Country Living Décor

Cluck Cluck Country Living Décor is a furniture store that specializes in country style furniture and hand-painted home décor. They carry a wide-variety of home décor and a small number of furniture pieces including cupboards, wall shelving, drawers, and metal furniture.

Some notable examples of their country style furniture include their Wooden Box Drawers and their range of Burnt Wooden Mini Cupboards, which come with wicker baskets for storage. These pieces showcase some rustic and vintage elements combined with the simplicity of country style furniture.


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They also carry some pieces with intricate details like their metal birdhouses and plant holders. Customers can either visit their shop or order online via Facebook or email. They deliver free for purchases above $150. Visit their website here.

cluck and cluck country furniture collection


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Lee & Lee Lifestyle Living

Lee & Lee Lifestyle Living is an interior design and furniture company that carries a small selection of country furniture by French brand Country Corner.

Their furniture offerings include beds, tables, wardrobes, and chairs that are characteristic of the country style. The Elegance Collection features wooden furniture pieces with carved legs and intricate hand-painted details while the Esquisse Collection features furniture pieces with clean lines, simple details, and fabric upholsteries.

For those looking for country furniture with an Asian touch, the pieces in their Country Chic Collection are suitable options. The collection features country style furniture painted in dark and bold colors, mixing traditional country furniture styles with Asian aesthetics. Customers can conveniently shop online through their website or visit their showroom. Visit their website here.

lee and lee lifestyle living country furniture catalogue


The Cottage Crafts

The Cottage Crafts carries a variety of French country furniture and fine French furniture.

Their furniture is handcrafted from natural wood and hand-painted to achieve the intricate details seen in traditional French country furniture. While their furniture collection takes inspiration from various European styles, they carry several pieces that are reminiscent of the country furniture style. The Etienne Table is one notable example, a dining table painted in a blue-green color with a rustic finish, and a tabletop that is left unpainted to showcase the natural color of wood.

Their Chateau Collection also features some elements of the French country furniture style, featuring whitewashed furniture with intricate carvings. Customers can visit their showroom at the EPL Building, Lower Delta Road to view their complete collection. Visit their website here.

the cottage craft country furniture series


Laura Ashley

Laura Ashley carries a vast array of furniture inspired by different styles and periods but one of the most dominant themes in their furniture collection is the country style.

They carry quite a number of country style furniture including dining chairs, tables, sideboards, beds, wardrobes, and sofas. Their furniture features a lot of elements of the country style including distressed edges, hand-painted details, and rustic finishes.

They also carry seats with ladder-style backs like the Dorset Dining Chairs ($475/pair) and dressing tables with cabriole legs like the Provencale Dressing Table Set ($900), which are very much reminiscent of traditional French country furniture.

Those who want to shop from their collection of country furniture can visit their store at Great World City. Customers can visit their showroom at the EPL Building, Lower Delta Road to view their complete collection. Visit their website here.

Laura Ashley Country Furniture Sale


Paris Home

Paris Home offers customizable European style furniture and a mix of luxury French furniture and country furniture. They carry bedroom furniture, dining tables and chairs, wardrobes, vanity tables, bookcases, and TV console drawers.

While most of their pieces are inspired by Victorian furniture and fine French furniture, they do carry some pieces that feature some elements of French country furniture like the Modern Provincial Dining Set ($2000), which features cabriole legs, intricate carvings, and comes in a simple white color. The Porter’s Bunk Bed ($1698) also showcases some country elements with its natural wood ladder, and sideboard combined with customizable fabric upholstery.

You can conveniently view their collections and shop online through their website or visit their showroom at 14 Frankel Terrace. Customers can visit their showroom at the EPL Building, Lower Delta Road to view their complete collection. Visit their website here.

paris home online country style dining table set


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