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The following is a big list of furniture stores selling dining tables in Singapore. Find out the types of dining tables available, their prices, the style and design of the tables, the materials they’re made of, and which are the recommended items to look at.

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Etch & Bolts

Etch & Bolts offer a considerable variety of coffee tables, approximately 60 different designs to choose from. The cheapest item starts at $83 for the Marlowe, a small coffee table with a wooden crate as the table top and metal hairpin legs.

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Their coffee tables are made to order and the production lead time is between 3 to 5 weeks. Etch & Bolts offer customer a 7 days return policy. Etch & Bolts have some coffee table designs that are quite striking, one of these items is the Bloco, which uses the root wood of the teak tree as the table top, and it’s definitely going to be a conversation piece in your home.

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The item costs $2,669, and takes 4 months to produce. Etch & Bolts has a customer rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, from 70 reviews on Google. Visit their site here.

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Origin Asia

Origin Asia offers dining tables in a wide array of styles and sizes. While most of their dining tables are made from hardwood like teak and mahogany, some tables feature a combination of materials such as wood, glass, and terrazzo. There are close to 70 different dining tables featured on their online catalog.

Origin Asia designs are inspired by Asian furniture design, showcased in pieces like the Moran 220 and Sansu 200. Some of their dining tables like the Platone 220 are paired with bench seats rather than individual seats. They also feature extending tables like the IKI 1 Extensionable Table (which extends from 180 cm to 280 cm).

Notable pieces in their collection also include the Moran Built-In and the Grange II, which features intricate trumpet turned legs. Origin Asia offers free delivery within Singapore. You can visit their River Valley Showroom to view their complete collection of dining tables. Visit their website here.

origin asia dining table collection


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Posh Home

Posh Home showcases a wide-range of designer furniture; they have designer dining tables from European and Asian American furniture designers.

Featuring contemporary furniture designs, their 21-piece dining table catalog includes designer tables like the TT250 Super Table by Danish furniture designer Arne Jacobson, a solid wood dining table (TT330 CH327) designed by Hans Wegner Clav, and the modern TT30 Noguchi Dining Table with a cast-iron base and chrome-plated steel rod by Isamu Noguchi.

Also among their notable dining tables are the Parabel Dining Table by Finnish designer Eero Aarnio, which features a sculpture-like design and molded fiberglass material, and the Fiberglass Tulip Oval Dining Table by Eero Saainen.

For those looking for something more understated, the Gill Dining Table and the TT284 Standard Table are suitable options. Posh Home’s dining table prices range from $349 for a small bar table to $1430 for a large dining table like the Concorde. Visit their website here.

posh home dining table online catalogue


Picket and Rail

Picket & Rail offers a very large selection of dining tables. They offer close to 60 different dining tables ranging from basic rectangular tables to hardwood and designer dining tables.

Some of their notable dining tables include the Amiral Dining Table (which comes with a rosewood finish and a storage area concealed by a slatted door at the base), Mayotte Table, and the Helix Dining Table, inspired by Isamu Noguchi’s stool design.

Picket & Rail also offers a number of dining tables from the Cavalli collection including the Link Dining Table, Bend Extendable Table, and Lucullo Table (which is also available as an extendable unit).

Aside from indoor dining tables, they also sell outdoor dining tables and sets, which are made from a combination of polyethylene (a weather-resistant plastic) and aluminum frames. Their dining table prices range from $299 for a basic rubber-wood table to $8299 for a hardwood dining table. Visit their website here.

picket and rail dining table collection



Originals offers a small selection of dining tables in their Dining Room Collection. Most of their dining tables are made from teak hardwood and recycled wood, although some also feature a combination of stainless steel and wood.

For those looking for a straightforward hardwood dining table, their Contemporary Teak Kubus Table and Teak Double Table are suitable options. These hardwood tables retail for $1500 to $2100, depending on the size. Most of their dining table units come in more than one size (sizes range from 140cm to 250cm in length).

Other pieces in their collection include the Jumi Table, which features a stainless steel frame and retails for $2600. The India Recycled Dining Table (made from recycled wood) is a suitable option for those who are looking for a table with a rustic look. Visit their website here.

originals Java Recycled Dining Table



Molecule has 23 dining tables featured on their online catalog, ranging from contemporary wood dining tables to dining tables with stainless steel bases and glass tops. Most of their dining tables are sourced from Europe and the USA.

They feature quite a number of Italian dining tables in their collection including pieces from Italian furniture brands like Dal Segno, Catellan Italia, Compar, Ozzio and Antonello Italia.

Most of their dining tables come with see-through tabletops that are either made from glass (e.g. the Spyder Dining Table, Cortina, Ocean Drive, and Bipide) or PVC (e.g. the Star and Glamour dining tables by Dal Segno). They also feature some wooden tables like the Sigma Dining Table (which is available in walnut and burned oak) and Plus by Compar (which is made from walnut wood).

Molecule’s collection of dining tables is suitable for those who are looking for contemporary and modern furniture. Visit their website here.

molecule living dining table collection



Scanteak offers a modest variety of teak dining tables ranging from the traditional rectangular tables to something more novel, like their Peanut Table. In all, they have close to 30 different items listed in the ‘Dining Table’ category of their online catalogue.

Overall, the design and style of their furniture is minimalistic; these dining tables would be suitable for customers who are looking for something more understated.

Some of their noteworthy furniture includes the Float Dining Table (which features an ‘air system’ that allows the wood to react to different weather and temperature) and their Rectangular Extending table (which has flaps that unfold from the middle of the table, to extend its length from 1800mm to 2400mm).

In addition to dining tables, Scanteak offers other types of tables like the Folding Bar Table and Octagonal Umbrella Table. You can also get other types of teak furniture like wardrobes, consoles, benches, etc. Visit their website here.

scanteak dining table online catalogue


Comfort Design Furniture

Comfort Design offers a large collection of dining tables. They feature over 40 dining tables on their online catalog with sizes ranging from small two-seater dining tables to large banquet tables.

Their dining tables widely vary in design and function; from intricate designs like the Tease Dining Table (which features a multi-color die-cast aluminum body with a glass tabletop) to more minimalist and industrial designs like the Dock Dining Table, Butcher Block Table, and the Arnott Dining Table (which features an aluminum stand with an opaque glass top).

Other noteworthy dining table options from Comfort Design include the foldable Alton Dining Table, the customizable Torres Dining Table, and the Extendable Kellock Dining Table (which can be extended from 1200mm to 1800mm).

In addition to ready-made dining tables, Comfort Design also offers a custom-made service for those who have particular designs in mind. Visit their website here.

comfort furniture dining table collection



Ikea offers a wide-selection of dining tables, ranging from regular dining tables to extendable ones. Most of their designs are minimalistic with space optimization in mind. Of the 28 dining tables they offer online, 13 are extendable and 6 are drop-leaf units, making them suitable for those looking for space-saving furniture.

Aside from extendable rectangular units, Ikea also offers extendable round dining tables like the Bjursta Round Table (which has a diameter of 115 cm and can extend up to 166 cm) and the Liatorp (which has a more traditional design and can extend from 110cm to 155cm).

Other space-saving dining tables on their catalog include their wall-mounted drop-leaf tables like the Bjursta, the Norberg, and Norbo. Ikea dining tables are priced reasonably with prices ranging from $50 to $995. All of their dining tables require assembly, which they offer as an optional service in their stores. Visit their website here.

IKEA dining table collection



Courts offers a small number of dining tables. They sell a total of 7 dining tables on their website with regular prices ranging from $500 to $1399.

Most of their dining tables come with glass-tops that are usually made from tempered glass and fiberglass with wooden legs or chrome legs.

Some of the pieces in their collection include the Greta Table (which comes with a tempered glass top and rubber wood legs), the Rialto Table (which has a clear glass-top, metal chrome legs, and an extra glass layer at the bottom), and the Otto Round Table (which is made from tempered and fiber glass). The Atlantic Dining Table is also noteworthy with its high-gloss white tabletop and chrome legs.

In addition to dining tables, they also offer a considerable number of dining sets. Visit their website here.

Courts dining table catalogue


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