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The following is a list of places where you can purchase dressing tables in Singapore. You’ll find many different designs and styles available, from contemporary to vintage, from Victorian to oriental . The price range for the furniture are also listed, you’ll find cheap dressing tables made from fibreboard and more high end models made from solid wood like teak. Read on to find out more.


Studio 1961

Studio 1961 features 14 different types of dressing tables on their website. Their dressing table features modern 20th century classic design. If you’re looking for furniture with a vintage Victorian, French or European flavour, you’ll want to consider their offerings. The store offers their dressing tables in a variety of colours, including white, pink and brown.

The prices of their dressing table ranges from $380 (for a simple design without mirror) to $1299 (for a bigger table with multiple drawers, a tall mirror and a chair). A few noteworthy dressing table designs include their Archaic dressing table, which has a British India appearance, and Pinky dressing table, which is entirely in pink. You can visit their website here.



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Style Woods Furniture

Style Woods Furniture offers solid wood dressing tables made from teak and mahogany. Customers can choose different colour finishing for their dressing table top which will give the furniture a more interesting and unique look. Their dressing tables do not come with mirrors or stools, you’ll have to purchase those items separately. The price range of their dressing table is between $277 to $943.

The starting price of $277 can be considered quite affordable for a dressing table made from solid wood, however, the design of the item is relatively simple compared to the more expensive models. In total, they offer 7 different designs on their website. Some of their more notable designs include the Natasha Chest, which is a elegant and curvy dressing table with a vintage Victorian appearance. Another item that stood out was the Freda Square Chest, which has a European country style aesthetic. You can visit their website here.




FortyTwo sells a modest range of dressing table on their website; you’ll be able to find approximately 20 different designs. The style of their dressing tables is modern and functional; if you’re looking for something simple and no frills, you’ll want to consider their offerings. The prices of their dressing table ranges from $99 for a simple and small model, to $570 for a large dresser with big storage compartments and 6 drawers.

If you’re looking for cheap dressing tables, you’ll find FortyTwo’s furniture to be worth considering.  Some of their more noteworthy items include the Dixie dressing table and the Danielle dressing table. The Dixie dressing table is affordably priced, and it’s quite sleek and contemporary looking. The Danielle dressing table is a tall and slender dresser featuring minimalistic design. You can visit their website here.




Fantique offers 17 different dressing tables on their website; they state that their dressing tables are made of solid wood. The prices of their dressing tables range from $588 to $799. The store offers different styles of dressing tables; you’ll find Victorian style dressing tables, modern European style dressing tables, and rustic country style dressing tables. Some of the store’s more noteworthy items include the Victoria dressing table, Natura beech wood dressing table, and D.K. walnut wood dressing table.

The Victoria dressing table features vintage Victorian style carvings and patterns; it’s made from solid wood and designed by a Swedish designer. The Natura beech wood dressing table is a German style dressing table made from beech wood, and it features a contemporary design, if you like Scandinavian or Danish style furniture, you might like this item. You can visit their website here.




V.Hive offers 3 different dressing tables on their website; their dressers appear to be made from solid wood, and they feature a modern and simple style. The prices of their dressing tables range from $259 to $345; these are the discounted prices and the furniture used to be more expensive. At $259, a dressing table made from solid wood can be considered quite affordable.

Their dressing tables all come with mirrors and stools, and their finishing is dark brown. ’13084′ is their smallest dresser model, it features 1 drawer and a large square mirror. ‘DT6046′ is a medium sized dressing table with additional storage compartments and a tall mirror. ‘DT8032′ is the largest model of dressing table on offer, it has the most storage space and the largest mirror. Visit their website here.



Home Essentials

Home Essentials offers 3 different dressers on their website; their dressing table features a modern oriental look that would be quite compatible for a contemporary Chinese home. Home Essentials is a furniture rental company, however, you can choose to purchase the furniture if you wish to. All 3 of the dressers offered on their site are quite distinctive looking.

M-C153Z is a large sized dresser with 6 drawers; it looks like it’s made of solid wood, and it features a modern Asian aesthetic. M-C102Z is a small size dresser that comes with a mirror and chair; the dressing table has a Chinese flavour, and oriental decorations would look nice on it. M-C101Z is a mid size dresser with 2 drawers and a mirror that flips up from the table top; it too has a unique Asian appearance. You can visit their website here.



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