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Are you looking to purchase a nice ergonomic chair for your office or home? We’ve researched and reviewed the 7 best places that you can shop for this furniture, and also included helpful information like price range and value added services.



As Asia’s leading brand in holistic and wellness furniture, Ergowork features a wide variety of ergonomic chairs for household and office use. Their chairs are available in different materials – mesh, sponge, and leather, along with several designs and options of upholstery. With prices ranging from $299 to $2399, the store certainly has something for family and office workers. Start browsing their collection here.





Atwood provides smart ergonomic equipment and products suited for your modern lifestyle. Their Pofit World Class line, starting at $1,178, comes with Comfort Smart app. The app provides a user’s guide on back support adjustment and seating posture warning system. Atwood also offers ergonomic chairs for kids and orthoback support that pairs well with any chair. Click here to find out more.



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TakeASeat offers a variety of ergonomic chairs, with prices starting at $129. Some of their products come with retractable leg rest, which is perfect if you find your chair lacking in the leg length department. Aside from the conventionally-designed chair, they also carry the WOBBLE sit-stand stool that can swivel and tilt 360 degrees for balance and upright posture maintenance. Check them out here.




Starting from as low as $199, ergonomic chairs at Wihardja come in black with headrests. Their award-winning line of fully-ventilated ergonomic chairs are fully adjustable, so you can tweak the headrest, armrests, seat depth, and backrest to your liking. You can check them out here.





On, you can find four models of ergonomic chairs to choose from, most of them equipped with high breathability backrest, removable headrest, and elastic mesh. If you’re looking to add something to your office, check out Sophia Ergonomic Chairs, designed with Polyester mesh fabric suitable for hours of seating. Check their collection here.




At Kliig, you can buy Korean ergonomic chair starting at an affordable price of $419. Most of their chairs come with multiple options of fabric, including leather. Their fabric type is resistant water stain and wear and tear, while their synthetic leather can go years without peeling. If you are not in a rush to have something in your house, you can take advantage of their special discount only applicable for chairs that need 30-days of waiting time. You can check their product list along with a guide to choosing ergonomic chairs here.




Jarrons & Co. Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based children merchandise retailer offering products for kids. They have a small selection of ergonomic chairs for children; you’ll be able to find 5 different types of ergonomic chairs on their website, their prices range from $199 to $499. The ergonomic chairs are available in a variety of bright colours and patterns, and all the models are offered at a discounted rate. One of their noteworthy items is the Rovo Buggy, a chair designed for kids who like to bounce and move around in their chairs. The Rovo Buggy has many features including inclining seat, high reaching back rest, and automatic adjusting seat depth. You can visit their website here.




Iconic is a store specialising in importing and selling Korean design office chairs; they have quite a variety of ergonomic office chairs available on their website. The prices of their office chairs range from $249 to $899. You’ll find over 40 different models of chairs in their online catalogue, some of their more noteworthy chairs include the Doctor Fresh Chair, which is a high end ergonomic chair featuring an advanced mesh backrest, and a special ergonomic seat  design. Most of their chairs come in a variety of colours, and it appears that they’re selling at discounted prices too. You can visit their website here.




Solos is a company specialising in selling office furniture; they have a modest range of ergonomic office chairs on sale on their website. You’ll find approximately 15 different models of chairs in their online catalogue, the chairs come in a variety of material, from vinyl, to fabric to mesh. Some of their noteworthy items include the Delas Mesh Senior Secretary Chair, a futuristic looking chair with distinct contoured backrest, and the Kate Executive Secretary Chair, a high mesh backrest chair with rectangular front profile. The prices of their ergonomic chairs are not listed, so you’ll have to call the store to inquire. Visit their website here.




Ergoworld manufactures and distributes furniture for companies and individual consumers; they have a modest range of ergonomic chairs and office chairs, approximately 18 different designs. The store seems to carry more basic looking ergonomic chairs, they don’t appear to have sophisticated high end designs. One of their noteworthy item is the Faber chair, it’s a study chair with a portable table that flips out from the right handle, and it has an ergonomic mesh backrest. You can visit their website here.




Yoke is a company specialising in office equipment, and they sell 4 models of ergonomic office chairs on their website. The prices of their chairs range from $198 to $798. Their YOE A8 Ergonomic Chair is particularly notable, it’s a very high end looking office chair that’s selling for only $198, which can be considered quite affordable. The YOE A8 features dual backrest, molded foam seats and backrest, and a headrest. It’s worth mentioning that the special $198 price is due to special discount, and might not be available at a later date. For $798, you’ll get a advanced looking chair with elaborately partitioned backrest, and many functional features like seat locking, adjustable backrest, pivotable arm rests. You can visit their website here.



Kidz N Teenz

Kidz N Teenz is a company offering kids furniture and accessories; they have a small selection of ergonomic chairs for children, and their prices range from $158 to $328. Their swivel chairs come with interchangeable backrest and armrest, and they can be bought separately for $19 and $35 respectively. The backrest comes in many colours, pink, yellow, orange, red, grey, etc. The most expensive chair in their catalogue is the Kyland Chair, which costs $328. In its product description, the Kyland chair is stated to be suitable for kids and adults, however, the colourful and kiddy artwork on the chair would appeal to a younger audience. You can visit their website here.



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