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About The Company:

JS Furniture, also known as JS Carpentry, is a company specialising in carpentry and renovation. If you’re looking to purchase custom made furniture, you’ll be able to contract JS Furniture to build wardrobes, shoe cabinets, book cases, bed box, and more. If you’re looking for custom built bed box, it starts at $400 for single size, and goes up to $700 for king size. If you’re looking for study table, it starts at $110 per foot. All of their furniture is constructed from plywood, however, you can opt for solid wood as well. You can also choose between different types of finishes, add trimmings or frames, and add extra finishing materials like glass or stainless steel.


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Contact Number: 9488 5077



Opening Hours: By appointment only

Address: 74 Sungei Kadut Street 1, Singapore 729374

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