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The store carries a multitude of grand Victorian-themed furniture. Its furniture is predominantly traditional with a rustic charm. Intricate carvings line the edges of wooden sofas with leather upholstery. If you are looking for vintage-style furniture, you could have a look at what Locus Habitat has to offer.

The company prides itself on having furnished several popular commercial establishments such as Mr Bean Café, Gelateria Italia, D’bell as well as Singapore Island Country Club. It has also been featured in interior design publications such as RenoTalk and Squarerooms.

Extensive Range of Leather Furniture

The store features a great variety of leather or leather-incorporated furniture, comprising sofas, ottomans, desks, TV consoles and more. Their designs are unique in the way that leather is incorporated into products that are traditionally not made of leather, for example, a coffee table. The side tables and coffee tables also double up as storage trunks. Due to their unconventional appearance, these are great options for dramatic centre-piece furniture.

Clearance Sale

There is an ongoing clearance sale where prices have been slashed by 30% to 50%. However, despite substantial discounts, the price point of the furniture is relatively high. For example, the price of a 3-seater leather sofa after a 50% discount is still a substantial $4500.

One outlet

The store runs only one showroom at Sin Ming Lane making it less accessible to residents in the East or West as compared to those in the North-central area.

Limited Styles

The store caters to a singular taste and preference for grandiose furniture. Most of its furniture is characteristic of its signature antique-style and it does not carry modern or minimalist furniture. If you are looking for such designs, you might want to give Locus Habitat a miss.


Price Range:

The following are the prices of common furniture items available at Locus Habitat.

Armchairs starting from $2,400 (for a full leather upholstered armchair).

3 seater sofas starting from $6,500 (for a full leather upholstered sofa).


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Additional Information:

Contact Number: 6684 1685

Email: info@locushabitat.com

Website: http://www.locushabitat.com/

Opening Hours: Tue – Sun 11am – 6pm

Address: Midview City, Blk 22 Sin Ming Lane, #07-84, Singapore 573969


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