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If you’re looking for the best places to shop for outdoor furniture in Singapore, you’ll definitely find our list of store reviews very helpful! Find out the type of outdoor furniture available, and the price range of the items. You’ll be able to check out a wide variety of furniture for sale, from outdoor dining tables to parasols. Also discover where you will be able to find promotions for outdoor furniture, some of the stores offer up to 50% in discounts.


Arena Living

Arena Living is a furniture business specialising in outdoor furniture, and their unique selling point is that they offer 100-days return policy and a 2 year warranty on their items. They offer many categories of outdoor furniture, from outdoor sofas to loungers, from dining sets to swing chairs. Their items are not the cheapest, to be sure, an outdoor sofa set would set you back approximately $600. For that price, you’re getting a poly rattan weaved sofa, 2 armchairs and a small table. If you’re price conscious but you still want to purchase their high-end offerings, you should check out their sales section, where their furniture is marked down by up to 50% (the choices for discounted furniture are pretty limited though). Check out their website here.

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D’galleria Pte Ltd

boulevard outdoor furniture dining set

D’galleria Pte Ltd offers outdoor furniture under the branding of Boulevard Outdoor Inspirations. The store mainly sells hand woven wicker frame outdoor furniture, and they state that they’re one of the largest suppliers of outdoor furniture for residential and corporate clients in Singapore. The store sells a variety of outdoor furniture, in all, they have close to 20 categories comprising of lounge sets, dining sets and benches. If you’re looking to shelter an area in your outdoor space, you’ll be able to find gazebos and parasols in their store; the prices of these items range from $799 for a small and simple parasol, to $5,387 for a large size gazebo. D’galleria also features promotions and offers in the form of clearance and flash sales; their discounts can go up to 50% on some of their items, from example, their wicker dining set, which was originally $1,099, now selling for $499. Read our store review.


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Picket & Rail

picket and rail outdoor furniture collection

You’ll be able to find a good variety of outdoor furniture at Picket & Rail; they have 8 categories of outdoor furniture including outdoor sofas, outdoor dining sets, and outdoor daybeds. You’ll also be able to purchase accessories for your outdoor areas; some of their items available include planters and shelvings. The prices of their furniture are on the higher range, however, you will usually be able to find discounts on their items, and you can save up to 50% on your purchases. For example, their Asthina l-shape sofa originally retails for $6,799, but you can get it at a discounted price of $3,399 when it’s on sale. Picket & Rail’s outdoor furniture is made from polyethylene, which is a material that is low maintenance and weather resistant. Read our store review.


Natural Living

Natural Living Outdoor Sofa Set

Natural Living offers a modest range of outdoor furniture, which includes dining sets, sofas and coffee tables, and more. In all, you’d be able to find approximately 9 different categories of outdoor furniture in their store. If you have an outdoor bar area in your home, you’d be able to find wicker bar table and chairs for sale; if you’re looking to furnish your balcony or garden, you’d be able to purchase 2 seater swinging chairs in their store. The prices of their furniture ranges from $500 for an outdoor wicker armchair, to $1450 for an aluminium frame 2 seater swing. You’d be able to purchase their furniture at discounted prices of up to 50%. Overall, their price range is high, however, if you’re able to buy them during sales promotions, you’d be able to get good value for your money. Read our store review.


Danish Design

danish design outdoor furniture series

Danish Design sells a range of outdoor furniture which includes lounges, tables, chairs, and coffee tables. The company states that their furniture is made from high quality materials that’s designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Their metal frame furniture is constructed from powder coated aluminum frame, while their wooden furniture is made from teak. Their cushions are made from Sunbrella material which is UV and water resistant. The store offers up to 50% discount on their outdoor furniture; one of the items on sale include an outdoor teak dining set. Read our store review.


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