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The following is a list of local stores selling replica furniture. Discover the types of replica furniture available, their brands, designs and prices. Read on to find out more.

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Muse At Home

Muse At Home is an online furniture retailer located in Singapore; the store specialises in modern designer replica furniture, and they state that their prices are very competitive.

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Muse At Home aims to provide customers with contemporary designer furniture at an affordable price; they say that they’re able to offer lower prices because they don’t spend on showrooms and advertising, and hence are able to pass these savings to customers.

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The type of furniture thats available at Muse At Home include lounge chairs, dining chairs, dining table and coffee tables. They also sell lightings too. If you’re looking for dining chairs, you’d be able to find replicas of Standard Chair, Eames DKR, Ghost Chair, Organic Chair and more. If you’re looking at coffee tables, you can consider the Noguchi Table Replica or Laccio Table Replica.


You can contact Muse At Work via email at museathom3@gmail.com, or phone at 93670733. Alternatively, you can visit their website here.



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Lush offers contemporary designer furniture to customers; they have a variety of furniture available including seating, tables, TV consoles, cabinets, and more. The store also offers a selection of designer replica furniture; you can find approximately 130 different replica furniture on their website, the majority of these furniture are chairs and sofas. Some of the replica furniture available include Sledge Chair Replica, Modern Classic Replica Aramis Armchair, Risom Easy Chair Replica, Tulip Dining Chair Replica and more. The prices of the furniture is not stated on their website.

If you’re into contemporary retro style of furniture, you’ll find many modern classic theme of replica furniture available at Lush. Some of their modern classic range of furniture include PapaBear Chair, Ox Chair, Marshmallow Sofa, M-Stool, Love Chair, and more. Their replica furniture is available in different finishes and colours. You can also customise the type of fabrics that you’d like for your pieces. Their showroom is located at 73 Upper Paya Lebar Rd, Centro Bianco#03-01, Singapore 534818. Visit their website here.



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Comfort Furniture

Comfort Furniture offers a sizeable range of replica furniture ranging from dining tables to daybeds. Some of their design replica include Eames Plytable, Egg V2, Barcelona Daybed, Papilio Mini, Noguchi Coffee Table, Tulip Armchair, and more. In total, there are over 40 replica items featured on their website. The prices of the furniture is not stated, however, you’ll be able to find information about the furniture’s measurements and dimensions.

Besides furniture for your home, Comfort Furniture also has replica furniture for the office space, some of these items include Eames Aluminium Midback Cantilevered, Eames Soft Pad Highback, Eames-Mesh Midback, and Le Corbusier. Their showroom is located at 110 Eunos Ave 7, Comfort Design Building, Singapore 409573. You can visit their website here.



Prestige Affairs

Prestige Affairs offers design replica furniture ranging from arm chairs, stools, dining tables, and office chairs. There’s a modest number of replica furniture available on their website, approximately 40 different items. The majority of their replicas are chairs; you can find rocking chairs, lounge chairs, and more. Their chairs start at the lower range of $100 for the simpler designs, for example, the Charles & Ray Eames Chair Replica which costs $139. The price can go over $900 for more elaborate designs, for example, the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman replica, which costs $980.

The website has detailed information about each of the furniture, you can find out about the item’s measurements, materials, and other customer’s reviews. In addition to chairs, you’ll also find other replica items like dining tables, for example, their Jean Prouve dining table which costs $1177. You’ll also be able to get office furniture, for example, the Charles & Ray Eames Soft Pad office chair, which costs $471. Many of the store’s replica items are on sale, and you can get some of the furniture at 40% off. Prestige Affairs is located at 9 Tagore Lane, #03-08, Building 9@Tagore, Singapore 787472. You can visit their website here.



Studio 1961

Studio 1961 offers a modest number of replica furniture on their website; their replica furniture range from chairs to office chairs to daybeds. The prices of their replica design chairs range from $490 to $799; some of the replica items available include Hans Wegner Plank Chair, Plywood Lounge Chair, and Plywood Lounge Chair with Pony Hide.

The prices of their Charles Eames office chairs range from $899 to $980; the models available are Low Back Ribbed EA119 Chair and High Back Soft Pad EA 216 Chair. If you’re looking for a daybed, you can consider their Eileen Gray daybed in black Italian leather; the item costs $1599. Their showroom is located at 50 Chin Swee Road, Thong Chai Building #09-04, Singapore 169874. You can visit their website here.

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