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If you’re looking for local stores offering Scandinavian furniture, then you’ve found the right guide. The following is a list of furniture shops selling Northern European style furniture; you’ll find Danish, Norwegian and Swedish inspired designs.

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Born In Colour

Born In Colour offers Scandinavian furniture from 4 different brands – Heim, Fika, Guri Oak and Yasu Nature Oak. In total, they have close to 100 different Scandinavian furniture items on offer. Some of the noteworthy pieces include the TV consoles from Heim, which starts at $999, and the coffee tables from Fika which retails at $500.

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It’s worth noting that while these furniture are Scandinavian in design, not all of them are of the same quality, some of the items are made from solid wood (usually oak), while the others are made from “engineered wood”, i.e. composite wood. If you’re looking for minimalistic and functional furniture with Swedish, Danish or Norwegian aesthetic, you might find something to like at Born in Colour. Check out their offerings here.

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Danish Design

The most well known store in Singapore selling Scandinavian furniture is Danish Design. They are a Singapore based company carrying many different Scandinavian brands of furniture, some of these brands include Brødrene Andersen, DK3, Duba B8, Eilersen, and Erik Jorgensen. Danish Design offers a wide range of furniture for different spaces in your home and office. Some of the categories of furniture they sell include indoor furniture like sofas, coffee tables and TV consoles, outdoor furniture like lounges, outdoor tables and chairs, and office furniture like desks, office chairs and storage. Danish Designs also sells lightings like table lamp, floor lamp and wall lamp. Find out more here.

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You can also consider Scanteak for Scandinavian inspired furniture. Scanteak sells teak furniture that feature simple and functional designs; the company states that their design is influenced by Scandinavian ideology. You’ll be able to find a wide category of furniture at Scanteak; they’ve furniture for your living room, bedroom, dining room, reading room and more. You’ll also find furniture for outdoor spaces, for example bar table, sun lounger, and umbrella table. Find out more here.

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Galanga Living

Galanga Living offers Scandinavian furniture with an Asian flavour. They have furniture for both the indoor and outdoor spaces in your home. The furniture store states that their products are sourced from Asia and Scandinavia, and that you’d be able to find many unique pieces of furniture that are available exclusively at Galanga Living. Some of their indoor category of furniture include sofas, consoles, coffee tables, benches, cabinets, beds and more.

Their outdoor collection of furniture include sofas, daybeds, lounges, swings and more. In addition to furniture, you’d also be able to find home accessories like candle holders, paintings, pots and lightings at Galanga Living. Find out more here.

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Noden Collective

Noden Collective is a store offering Scandinavian and European vintage furniture, lighting, objects, craft and art. The shop states that their items are handpicked and beautifully crafted. Some of the type of furniture they offer at the store includes chairs, side tables, chest of drawers, vanity desks, sideboards and more.

You’ll also be able to buy home accessories like scented candles, lamps, planters, wall arts, and even a sauce pan. If you’re looking for home design and decor inspiration, you might want to check out their blog; they have quite a number of articles discussing and featuring Scandinavian and Danish homes. You can visit their website here.

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Another place where you can get Scandinavian furniture would be Lorgan’s. Lorgan’s is a relatively well-known store selling retro-themed furniture and other home items. They offer vintage Scandinavian furniture, some of these furniture include chairs, stools, sideboards, tables and sofas. You can see their offerings on their website here. Their range of Nordic-themed furniture is not as wide as Danish Design, however, they still do have a modest variety that’s worth a look.

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