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The store exclusively sells sofa beds and multi-purpose sofas. As such, their collection of sofa beds is probably larger and more varied than you would find elsewhere. This is the store to visit if you are simply looking to buy a sofa bed and not to furnish your entire home.

Stylish Designs Coupled with High Quality

Tramondos’ collection includes sofas that unfold into single beds, kids’ beds, couple beds or guest beds. Aside from their obvious functionality, the sofa beds are also made in stylish designs with materials and fabrics of superior quality to ensure comfort and durability.

They are also strong and sturdy as the store markets its sofa beds as “No topple when lean over sofas” and “No overturn when roll over beds”. This is very telling of the high quality of their sofa beds.

Affordable Prices

Prices are fairly affordable at Tramondos. Two-seater sofa beds are priced between $1100 and $1500 while a one-seater can be purchased at less than $1000. The store is also running a couple of promotions where its furniture is on significant discounts. Some of the store’s best discounts are on its Jazz Lounge sofa bed and Boxer Beds that come in two sizes, and a variety of colours such as red, green, yellow, white and brown.

The one-seater boxer is a single bed when unfolded while the two-seater unfolds into a double bed. The Jazz Lounge sofa bed usually retails at a pricey $1197 but is now going at $ 697 while the one-seater and two-seater boxers are priced at $599 and $899 respectively.

Fairly Inaccessible

It operates only one showroom at Lavender Street, which makes it a tad inaccessible to anyone not living in the east.


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Additional Information:

Contact Number: 6552 7548



Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm, Sat: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Address: 225 Lavender Street, Singapore 338776


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