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The following is a list of furniture stores selling TV consoles in Singapore. Many different styles and designs of TV consoles available, from modern classic to contemporary, mid-century European to Oriental vintage. You’ll also find teak wood TV consoles and custom-made TV consoles. Read on to find out more about the stores selling these items and their prices.



Mason offers a good range of really nice looking Scandinavian style TV consoles, starting at $159 (sales price) for a small sized unit made from ‘engineered wood’. Their solid wood TV consoles start at $329 (sales price), and they’re made of South American oak. Mason manufactures their own furniture and they hire designers from Denmark to design their items. The online store offers free delivery and assembly for purchase of $150 and up, and they do not charge GST. Mason claims that they’re a cost efficient business, and they pass the cost savings onto the customers. There’s approximately 30 different TV console design to choose from, and their items come with a 1 year warranty (for solid wood furniture). Check out their selection here.

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John Erdos

John Erdos Home is known worldwide for its contemporary furniture, inspired by the mid-century modern movement that first emerged in the early 1930s, but has regained popularity in recent years. They offer a varied, albeit limited, selection of TV consoles. They carry 9 TV console choices on their website that are all made from teak wood.

Their TV console prices range from $1650 to $2650. Pieces like the Viceroy TV Console ($1650) and PSP TV Console ($2600) showcase distinct modernist elements. The Viceroy features McCobb mid-century legs, and the PSP TV Console features short mid-century Danish feet.

You may visit the John Erdos website or their showroom at Dempsey Road to view their complete selection of TV consoles. Find out more.

john erdos teak wood tv console


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Lush carries 13 different TV consoles in their collections. Their TV consoles showcase a mix of contemporary and ultra-modern elements. Featuring minimalistic designs with clean lines and polished exteriors, they offer a variety of pieces that are made from wood veneer, solid wood, and tempered glass.

The Botus TV Console and Trance TV Console are suitable for those who are looking for consoles with ultra-modern designs. The Trance TV Console is made from black tempered glass with a stainless steel frame, and is understated yet very polished with its glossy black surface.

For those who are looking for contemporary solid wood furniture, the Linear TV Solid Wood Console is a suitable option. It also comes in light walnut and white high-gloss. Find out more.

lush contemporary style tv console


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Wood Farm Lifestyle

Wood Farm Lifestyle offers a selection of over 30 TV consoles in their website. They specialize in antique Chinese furniture, but they also offer a few contemporary pieces for those who are looking for something less elaborate.

Their TV console offerings range from pieces with minimalistic designs and clean lines, to pieces with hand painted detail and lacquered finishes reminiscent of traditional Chinese furniture. They also carry pieces with intricate metal plates and woodcarving details. Most of their pieces are made from solid teakwood.

In addition to authentic traditional Chinese furniture, they also offer quality reproduction furniture in both contemporary and traditional designs and custom-made pieces. Visit their website or showroom at Dempsey road to check out their furniture selection. Find out more.

wood farm lifestyle tv consoles


Wood + Design

Wood + Design is a professional carpentry and design company that specializes in interior furnishings. They offer a wide-range of carpentry work for homes and commercial establishments.

Their TV feature walls and consoles are designed for modern spaces, featuring contemporary elements with space-saving features. Their TV feature walls come in fixed and revolving varieties.

They have 15 TV feature walls and consoles featured on their online portfolio. Most of their designs come with a feature wall for mounting TV sets and display units (for entertainment consoles and decorative pieces).

They also offer custom-made furniture services, renovation services, space planning, and furniture alterations and repairs. Their design portfolio is available on their website. You may also contact them for price inquiries and special requests. Find out more.

wood plus design feature wall and tv console


Ace Living

Ace Living offers 35 TV consoles on their website. They offer a wide variety of design and size options, ranging from economical small consoles, to large 2000mm consoles suitable for large television sets.

Most of their pieces are basic and understated and are made from MDF (medium-density fiberboard), but they also carry some ultra-modern pieces that are made from a combination of MDF, tempered glass, and metal.

Their prices range from $108 for a basic 580mm TV console, to $850 for a large 2000mm TV console with white high gloss finish and stainless steel legs. In addition to ready-made pieces, they also offer custom-made furniture.

Ace Living operates primarily online. They offer free delivery for purchases of $150 and above. Find out more.

ace living tv console collection


Picket and Rail

Picket and Rail offers a number of TV consoles and entertainment units in their collections. They offer 13 TV console units in their Cavalli Italia Collection, with prices ranging from $1440 to $2519. All TV console units in the collection showcase contemporary elements such as clean lines, minimalistic hardware, and matte finishes.

Most units in the Cavalli Collection come in a charcoal gray color, but a few pieces also come in matte black or matte white, like the Midar Entertainment Unit ($1759) and the Cicero Entertainment Unit ($1769).

Those who are looking for other TV console options may also check out other collections from Picket and Rail, as they also feature a few entertainment units in their All American, Americana, Chicago, and Linea Collections. Find out more.

picket and rail tv console collection



IKEA is popular for the versatility and space-saving features of their furniture offerings; their TV console units exhibit these same elements.

Offering over 50 entertainment units, IKEA’s selection range from basic TV benches, to customizable pieces that homeowners can mix and match to best suit their needs. The Besta and Vittsjo TV Console Series can be combined with one or more storage units, for additional storage space.

Most of their TV consoles come with cord outlets either at the back or the bottom of the unit, to allow for easy organization of wires. Their entertainment units range from $19.90 for a TV bench, to $1215 for a large TV console with additional storage units. Find out more.

IKEA tv console collection



Velo is an online furniture store that specializes in residential furnishing solutions. They offer a limited number of TV consoles online. All of their TV consoles can be purchased individually, or as part of their set furniture packages.

Their TV console options range from $330 to $750 for individual pieces, and $550 to $1190 for TV console sets with coffee table add-ons. For those who are looking for economical options, the Amber and Crystal TV Consoles are suitable options. Both TV consoles retail for $330 if purchased without an add-on.

All of their TV consoles come with a 6-month warranty. Velo also offers free delivery within Singapore and a 10-day return policy. Visit their website here.

velo tv console online catalogue


Ligne Roset

Ligne Roset offers a modest range of contemporary TV consoles. They currently have 8 collections in the home entertainment category that carry TV console units; these collections include Et Cetera, Book & Look, Cemia, Cineline, Contours, Dino, Everywhere, Mixte, and Optimum.

Their TV console units follow the principles of modern furniture design, with form following function. This is seen in the simplicity and functionality of their designs.

Most of their pieces feature clean lines, sharp edges, and ample storage space. Their Cemelia TV Console has a modern classic appeal with its rounded corners, walnut veneer finish, and minimalistic sliding doors. It is also available in a satin white lacquer finish. Ligne Roset is located at Odeon Towers, North Bridge Road. Visit their website here.

ligne roset modern classic tv console


LCF Furniture

LCF Furniture offers a wide-range of TV consoles. They have a selection of 52 different units, ranging from basic units to large units with additional shelving and storage features.

Their designs are quite varied, but they mostly offer contemporary and modern pieces with simple details and solid colors. They also carry a few pieces with decorative inlays.

Their TV console prices range from $138 to $1588 for individual pieces. They also carry living room sets that include TV consoles, storage units, and coffee tables. These sets range from $1695 to $1799.

LCF Furniture also offers custom-made furniture and carpentry services. You can order by calling their hotline (6286 0032), or you can visit their showroom at Goldlion Building, Kampong Ampat. Visit their website here.

lcf tv console selection


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